Public Records



14-DP-0956 - Mary Dean, 3125 Old Mill Road, v. Charles G. Dean, 3125 Old Mill Road, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

14-DP-0957 - Kerri Lynne Gladman, 3834 Dayton Springfield Road, Lot C10, v. Michael Robert Parks, Chillicothe, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

14-DS-0958 - John Peter Lourens III, Enon, and Laura Elizabeth Lourens, Enon, petition for dissolution of marriage.

14-DR-0959 - Steven L. Knotts, 2122 Beatrice St., v. Shannon R. Knotts, 144C Brentwood Dr., complaint for divorce.

14-CV-0687 - Alisea D. Roberson, 152 Corlington Dr., v. Nationwide Insurance Co., Des Moines, Iowa, et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Nov. 18, 2012.

14-CV-0688 - U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. William Brown, 2219 Sunnyland Blvd., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $93,652.

14-CV-0689 - Miami Cigar & Tobacco Co., Dayton, v. West Jefferson Express, West Jefferson, complaint for $85,507 for breech of contract and unjust enrichment.


Amanda J. Griffin v. Jeffrey Griffin, dissolution of marriage.

Ralph D. Horne III v. Anita June Horne, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Anthony W. Jack v. Christy L. Sams aka Jack, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Tricia Funderburgh v. Sandy Fent, case voluntarily dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Paula Donohoe, community control extended an additional three years from date it was due to expire to allow additional time to pay outstanding restitution, fine and court costs.


Property Transfers

Donald R. and Cynthia M. Tucker to David M. and Heather R. Newell, 1025 Old Columbus Road, Springfield; $139,800.

John P. and Dorothy A. Zink to Dorothy A. Zink, 2722 Hilldale Road, Springfield; no fee.

Rosella C. Walsh to Trish A. Harris, 943 Fruitland Road, Springfield; $97,000.

Carolyn A. Ryan to William P. and Paulette Henderson, 537 Rebecca Dr., Springfield; $130,000.

H. Michael and Patricia A. Shy to Stevie Wayne Gilbert, 15-17 S. Western Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn., to Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe, 111 Lohnes and 0 Lohnes Ave., two parcels, Springfield; no fee.

Claudia M. Clark to Dwayne D. and Cheryl A. Sebastian, 2726 Share St., Springfield; $40,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn., to Zach Tzachi, 924 Barker Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Annie Jewell Wingo to Roseann Pratt, 629 Wiley Ave., Springfield; $14,000.

Anna Deyhle Krauss to Richard L. and Anna M. Krauss, 215 W. Harding Road, Springfield; no fee.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 219 and 0 Rosewood Road, Medway; no fee.

Timothy W. and Kathy R. Canady to Mark R. Schultz Jr., and Danielle Schultz, 519 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; $78,500.

Kyle E. and Gladys M. Scott to Robert D. Stacy, 119 N. Clay St., New Carlisle; $110,000.

Anita Morris to Johnnie O. and Mary L. Kibler, 3946 St. Paris Pike, Springfield; $45,000.

David W. and Linda K. Campbell to David W. Campbell, 6812 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Beverly A. Stapleton to Kenneth Clonch Sr., and Willena Clonch, 4583 Enon-Xenia Road, Fairborn; $75,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, to Leslie G. Robey, 4426 Ridgewood Road, E., Springfield; $48,000.

Philip W. Stephens to Scott A. and Bonnie L. Dobie, 1760 Willow Lakes Dr., Springfield; $138,000.

Richard and Donna L. Hartman to Richard S. and Donna L. Hartman, 1785 N. Hampton Road and 1783 N. Hampton Road, two parcels, New Carlisle; no fee.

Jared Michael and Amber Nichole Newman to Jared Michael and Kathleen Newman, 7478 Rebecca Dr., South Vienna; $70,000.

Robert Earl Ogden Sr., and Julia L. Ogden to Larry R. and Barbara G. Stepp, 2215 Duquesne Dr., Springfield; $77,500.

Vanessa G. Mercer to Philip M. Seiley, 1433 Seminole Ave., Springfield; $81,000.

Gregory A. and Kathleen K. Erdman to Donald A. and Kelly S. Gragg, 81 Adlyn Road, Springfield; $124,000.

Francis Paul Stambaugh to Tamera L. Brookins, 341 Elbron Road, Springfield; no fee.

Heidi Pyle to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 638 Snowhill Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

Betty J. Whipp to George W. and Linda L. Puckett, 2019 Memorial Dr., Springfield; $69,700.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 323 Buxton Ave., Springfield; no fee.

James Gevedon to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 2037 Beatrice St., Springfield; $33,400.

John E. Duke to Daryl Johnson, 405-407 Sherman Ave., Springfield; $4,400.

Ryan C. and Angela M. Sims to Eric A. Hayes, 38 N. Kensington Pl., Springfield; $148,000.

Grant C. Edwards to DP & K Enterprises LLC, 1323-1325 Garfield Ave., Springfield; no fee.