Public Records



14-CV-0093 - American Express Centurion Bank v. Patrick J. Suarez, 2816 Oxford Dr., complaint for $25,001.

14-CV-0094 - Gary G. Stanley, 7403 Coffin Station Road, v. Navistar, Inc., 6125 Urbana Road, and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, reactivated notice of appeal.

14-CV-0095 - CACH, LLC, v. Robert Sterzenbach, 614 Villa Road, complaint for $20,521.

14-CV-0096 - Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc., v. Unknown Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Executors or Administrators of Ruth I. Inskeep, deceased, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 1684 Mahar Road, South Vienna, for $91,671.

14-CV-0097 - Paris Bank, LLC, v. Cecelia Howard, 1209 Innisfallen Ave., complaint for $1,193 and permanent possession of collateral, an 8 x 8 utility building.

14-CV-0098 - PNC Bank, N.A., v. Jennifer L. Metz, New Carlisle, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 1690 Lundgren Road, New Carlisle, for $67,610.

14-CV-0099 - Green Tree Servicing LLC v. Andrew Kessler, Vandalia, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 517 N. Church St., New Carlisle, for $56,349.

14-CV-0100 - CitiMortgage, Inc., v. Anthony L. Locker, Medway, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 108 N. Park Dr., Medway, for $22,464.

14-CV-0101 - United Ohio Insurance Co., v. Brandon Ayodele Magbagbeola, Urbana, complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Feb. 28, 2012.

14-DS-0120 - Kristina L. Scott, 4122 Phoenix Dr., and Mark A. Scott, Urbana, petition for dissolution of marriage.

14-DS-0121 - Pamela S. Riggs, 4585 Willowdale Road., Apt. 3, and Darrick B. Riggs, 1808 Winding Trl., petition for dissolution of marriage.

14-DR-0122 - Tabitha Luona Blankenship, 2964 Old Springfield Road, v. Bruce Lee Blankenship, South Charleston, complaint for divorce.

14-DS-0123 - Patricia A. Foltz-Phillabaum, 2348 N. Limestone St., Apt. 101, and Clifford T. Phillabaum, 2348 N. Limestone St., Apt. 101, petition for dissolution of marriage.

14-DS-0124 - Barbara J. Knabe, 136 Englewood Road, and Shawn E. Knabe, 136 Englewood Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.


Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Deron J. Snyder, et al., decree in foreclosure for $69,791.

State of Ohio v. Joshua Jarvis, cases dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Ryan Dillon, convicted of aggravated murder, life without parole; convicted of receiving stolen property, 18 months prison; convicted of tampering with evidence, three years prison, to run concurrently with one another with credit from May 10, 2012 until conveyance.

State of Ohio v. Chelsea Marie Dowler, convicted of failure to comply with order or signal of police officer, two years community control, five years driver’s license suspension.


Marriage Licenses

Daniel Scott Artis, 41, 839 N. Limestone St., truck driver, to Crystal Noel Nemec, 26, 839 N. Limestone St., shift manager.


Property Transfers

Deborah K. Howard to Andrew C. Isom and Mary C. Isom, 5207 Saum St., Fairborn, Mad River Twp.; $118,500.

John M. Looney to Brian O. Bills, Snyder Domer Road, Springfield, German Twp.; $507,000.

Estate of Betty Jane Ebenger to John R. Juenger, 3489 Turner Dr., W., Springfield, German Twp.; $74,000.

Jerry L. Kunkle to Penny J. Kunkle, 3624 Bosart Road, Moorefield Twp.; no fee.

Mary Ann Freeman to Mary Ann Freeman and Robin R. Freeman III, 6049 Ballentine Pike, Springfield, German Twp.; no fee.

Charles J. Chastain to Norma J. Chastain, 4263 Osborn Road, Medway, Bethel Twp.; no fee.

Paul E. Taylor and Carolyn A. Taylor to Paul E. Taylor, 435 and 439 W. High St., City of Springfield; no fee.

Marlene H. Seiter to John F. Seiter, 2726 Conestoga, City of Springfield; no fee.