New details released about DMT drug lab bust in Springfield

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office revealed new details about what was found inside a Springfield apartment during a drug lab bust last week.

Major Christopher Clark with the sheriff’s office said what investigators originally thought might have been a meth lab — was actually a Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) lab.

“It’s used as a hallucinogen. It’s a very powerful psychedelic drug similar to LSD,” he said.

Clark said there were varying components of a lab found inside 28-year-old Logan Lebaroff’s apartment, located in the 200 block of South Yellow Springs Street.

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One of the most abundant things found was lye, both in liquid and powder form. Clark said there were baggies of powder lye that had been ground down into various consistencies.

Investigators also found DMT in the processing stages in a rubbing alcohol bottle in the apartment’s freezer.

Clark said the DMT was in mid-process, where the chemicals begin to separate. The leftover from the separation, which looks like sludge, was put into a pickle jar in a cabinet.

Bottles of starting fluid and paint thinner were also found in the apartment, which Clark said can be used to make DMT.

Clark said Lebaroff was on probation when the lab was discovered. It was probation officers performing a housing check who found the narcotics lab. Lebaroff was taken into custody when he returned to the apartment.

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Ohio BCI agents removed the materials being used to make DMT and deemed the area safe.

It wasn’t clear what crime Lebaroff was on probation for, but Clark said he will now face a second-degree felony charge for manufacturing the drug and a fifth-degree felony charge for possession of the drug.

Neighbors who didn’t want to be identified said the apartment complex is usually quiet.

Clark said once charges for the drug lab bust are finalized, Lebaroff should be in court on Tuesday morning. As of Monday evening, he was being held at the Clark County Jail on the charge of violating his probation.

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