Dayton officer shot: 4 men arrested had past drug, violence charges

Update 11/9/19

Courtney Allen is not facing federal charges and is no longer listed in the Montgomery County Jail.

First report

The four people arrested after a shooting that left a Dayton police detective in critical condition Monday night have previous criminal records.

Of the four men arrested early Tuesday morning, all have received a laundry list of arrests and charges involving drugs, violence or misbehavior.

Here are other details about the four people who were arrested around 1 a.m. Tuesday:

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1. Nathan Scott Goddard, Jr., 39

Goddard has the longest list of former violations including a 2002 felonious assault with a deadly weapon — a second-degree felony — according to a background check. He was also jailed for assault two separate times in 2011 and a third time in 2013, according to Miami County jails records.

Other jail history includes obstructing official business, resisting arrest, selling and distributing marijuana,

possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and conspiracy, along with a list of traffic violations.

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2. Cahke Walker Cortner Sr., 39

Cortner has also received multiple misdemeanor charges related to traffic violations and driving with a suspended license. He also was charged with misconduct during an emergency in 2003, according to a background check. He also has been booked on charges of rioting and failure to appear, according to the jail website.

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3. Lionel Combs III, 40

Combs, who lives at the address in the 1400 block of Ruskin Road, according to a background search, has several minor misdemeanor and first-degree traffic misdemeanor charges from failure to reinstate his license to driving under a suspended license. He also had a minor misdemeanor in 2016 for possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana, according to the background check and Montgomery County courts records.

Court records show he has also been arrested for driving under the influence.

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4. Courtney L. Allen, 34

Allen has previous charges of possession of a controlled substance in 2005 and several traffic charges, according to a background check.

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