Mask-wearing Springfield man accused of breaking into cars


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A mask-wearing Springfield man was allegedly caught breaking into cars near an east side elementary school last week.

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Kevin M. Temple, 34, of 1654 Warder St., pleaded not guilty to three counts of theft, two counts of possession of criminal tools, two counts of receiving stolen property and one count of criminal trespassing in the Clark County Municipal Court on Nov. 21. Bond was set at $2,500.

He is expected to appear in Municipal Court again today, records said.

Officers were sent to the 400 block of Reames Avenue at about 1:15 a.m. Nov. 21 on a call about a man breaking into cars in the area, a police report said. A witness allegedly saw the man, wearing a mask and dark clothing, break into several vehicles nearby.

Police found Temple in front of Horace Elementary School allegedly carrying a black mask and a flashlight, the report said. He was found with a large amount of change in his pocket, it said.

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The witness identified Temple and said he was watching TV when he saw Temple allegedly he broke into one car that was unlocked and attempted to break into two other cars that were locked.

Police searched Temple and found more than $8 in change, as well as $330 in cash, two flashlights, a pair of gloves and a black ski mask. Police also found and an orange organizer that included the ID card of another man, who lived nearby in the 2000 block of Dorothy Lane. The man told police his organizer was missing from his vehicle. Another woman reported a GPS unit was missing from her vehicle.


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