Man taken to hospital after assault during Springfield home burglary

A man was taken to the hospital last week after being assaulted during a home burglary in Springfield.
A man was taken to the hospital last week after being assaulted during a home burglary in Springfield.

A man was was hospitalized after being assaulted during a home burglary in Springfield.

Officers responded around 8:45 p.m. on Thursday to the 400 block of East Madison Avenue for a call from a woman stating, “There is blood everywhere… I don’t know where it came from,” according to a Springfield police report.

When police arrived, they found the woman who called 911 standing outside and pointing to a house.

“I walked into the front room and observed blood droplets and stains on the floor near the front door and stair well. There was blood on the stair rail, which was broke from the wall, and blood on the carpet of the stairs,” the report said.

At that time, the victim came walking back to his house with blood stains on his clothes and said he was “punched and pistol whipped.”

Medics then responded to treat the victim and take him to Springfield Regional Medical Center for visible injuries to his head as he had two large, swollen bumps on his forehead that were bleeding, the report said.

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Once at the hospital, the victim told police he was in his front room counting money he saved to buy a vehicle when two men entered through his kitchen door, which he said he didn’t hear.

“He felt the suspects punching him, but he thought it was friends ‘playing’ because the punches weren’t hurting him. He heard the males yell, ‘where’s the money, where’s the money?’” the report said.

The victim said the two males were smaller and wearing masks. He said one wearing a black hoodie was holding a .380 semi auto pistol and pointing it at his head, and the other man was wearing a red Nike hoodie with a swoosh on the left chest.

“The suspect with the black hoodie began striking his head with the pistol trying to knock him down. At the same time, the other male was punching and kicking him about his body. (The victim) held on to the stair rail to stay standing because he was “dazed” by the gun,” the report said.

The suspects didn’t get the money but did take a duffle bag before firing a bullet and leaving out the back door.

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Officers then talked to three witnesses; The first said she saw a man in a black hoodie struggling with the victim before hearing a gun shot. She then said the two suspects ran out onto the front porch, so she ran back inside to call 911, the report said. The second witness said he was upstairs when he looked over the top of the stairs and saw the two suspects fighting the victim before hearing a gunshot. A third witness said the suspects left in a black Monte Carlo.

According to the report, both suspects are described to be in their 20s, about 5-foot-7 and 130 pounds.

No other suspect or witness information was available.

Springfield police continue their investigation into this burglary.