Man sentenced to prison after 10th OVI conviction

James Burkitt, 49, of Springfield, was sentenced to seven years in prison after he was convicted of his tenth OVI since 1988, said Ryan Saunders, assistant Clark County prosecutor.

In May, Burkitt was found slouched over the wheel of his vehicle at the intersection of John Street and South Limestone Street, police said. When the officer approached Burkitt, the man had vomit on his person, the strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech and blood shot eyes, police said. Burkitt was too drunk to complete field sobriety tests and officers discovered he had six OVI convictions since 1996, police said.

“Quite honestly it’s a miracle that (he) has not caused a death or serious physical harm as a result of his irresponsibility of driving a vehicle while impaired,” Saunders said.

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