Inducing panic charge in false homicide report

A Springfield man faces an inducing panic charge after reportedly telling someone he killed someone, and then admitting he made it up.

The Clark County sheriff’s communication center received a call about 7 p.m. April 20 in reference to a possible homicide.

It was determined that Reese K. Turton, 64, of Uplands Drive in Springfield, had reportedly left a woman a voice mail that he’d killed his wife and was now going to kill himself, according to a Clark County sheriff’s report.

The woman that got the voice mail reported to police she had reached Turton whom admitted he’d made it up because she wouldn’t call him back, according to a police report from Clark County sheriff’s office.

Deputies in tactical gear surrounded Turton’s home, and were able to determine he had no weapons on him.

Turton was charged with misdemeanor inducing panic.