Greenon school bus driver suspended for basketball fight

A Greenon Local School District bus driver has been suspended without pay because she and several other parents, coaches and players were criminally charged for disorderly conduct outside of a basketball game in March.

Karen Shockey was involved in an altercation March 11 in the parking lot of Indian Valley Middle School and was issued a citation for violating the village of Enon’s disorderly conduct ordinance, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, according to a police report.

Following that criminal citation the school board placed her on paid leave on April 7 and, following an internal investigation, suspended her without pay on Friday.

According to the police report, her sons, ages 12 and 14, along with another boy, age 13, engaged in a verbal altercation with another teen and his father in the parking lot, according to the report. When the man tried to get into his vehicle with his son and leave, one of the boys ran back inside and told adults there that the man was trying to fight them and attempting to run them over with his truck.

Shockey and three other adults allegedly ran to the lot and surrounded the man’s truck, yelling at him. Two men identified as coaches in the police report are accused of repeatedly hitting the man’s vehicle, causing damage such as a broken mirror and dents.

The boys later admitted they made up the story about the man trying to fight and run them over, the police report says.

Shockey and another mother Theresa Lewis were both charged with disorderly conduct.

James Cooper and Jonathan Kyle Lewis were charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damaging. Video of the incident showed the men both wearing shirts that said coach on them. The school district said the incident occurred after a rec league game and the coaches aren’t school employees or volunteers.

The three students were referred to juvenile court for possible disorderly conduct charges as well.

A letter to Shockey from the district dated May 9 informs her that the board may move to terminate her position.