A prank call to Graham High School in Champaign County threatening violence has prompted officials to contact authorities. JEFF GUERINI/STAFF

Graham investigating ‘prank call’ threatening violence

Officials in Champaign County are investigating after a prank call threatening violence was made to a local high school.

A call was made to the district promising violence against Graham High School, according to a news release, prompting district officials to contact authorities. It was determined the call was made from out of state and posed no real threat.

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“Based on the timing, nature, location and circumstances surrounding this call, it was determined that there was never a real threat to GHS, and the team handled the situation appropriately,” Superintendent Kirk Koennecke said in the release. “Had our team felt at any time this threat was real, we would have followed other protocols.”

The school district shared its findings with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office, the Champaign County Prosecutor’s Office and the Ohio Bureau of Investigation, who are now investigating. Assistance from law enforcement in another state is expected.

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Koennecke said the district meets several times a year to review crisis plans and discuss unique situation to better understand how to handle them. He said the administration takes every measure necessary in order to protect students and staff.

“Our partners at the police and sheriff’s offices, prosecutor’s office, and BCI take each and every investigation seriously,” Koennecke said. “We do not recognize ‘prank calls’ as jokes about possible violence at Graham.”