Fence cut, suspects trespass onto Springfield construction site, report says

Springfield police launched an investigation earlier this morning into a breaking and entering report filed by an employee of a local construction company.

Police responded to a Kapp Construction site where a witness told police that he saw suspects cut a fence, enter the construction site on Beacon Street and remove items, according to a Springfield police report.

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“However, he could give no description” of the suspects, the police report says.

“We went to where the fence was cut, which was along the property on the Rutland Avenue side,” the police report says. “It was near heavy vegetation and a box truck, which offered very good concealment of the hole. We entered and walked to the building that was still under construction. We could see fresh footprints that had walked through some puddles in the concrete. However, it was impossible to tell if anything had been taken or damaged.”

After further investigation, police found a two feet wide by two feet tall cut into a work trailer.

“Additionally, the overhead trailer door’s lock on the eastern-facing side appeared to have been cut with a torch,” the report says. “The door was halfway open and propped up by a chest.”

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The vice president of Kapp Construction arrived on scene but was unable to determine whether anything was taken, the police report says.

Springfield police are continuing its investigation.

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