Clark County Municipal Court


Nicole Ann Jones, 34, of Enon, OVI/refusal, guilty, 24 months driver’s license suspension, 180 days jail, 170 days suspended, 24 months probation, fined $525.

Mark A. Carroll, 34, of 1923 Lagonda Ave, domestic violence, falsification, obstructing official business and drug abuse, dismissed.

Jennifer Lee Iams, 29, of South Charleston, theft, guilty, fined $75.


Jordan B. Brownlake, 29, of Hamilton, domestic violence, dismissed; assault, guilty, 12-day jail term, credit for time served, fined $250.

Steven M. Garcia, 55, of 1870 S. Belmont Ave., resisting arrest, dismissed; obstructing official business, guilty, fined $250.

April D. Wirgau, 39, of South Vienna, driving under suspension, guilty, fined $250; failure to control, guilty.

Ilan C Battle, 29, of 427 W. Southern Ave., OVI, driving under suspension-drug offense, failure to reinstate license, failure to drive on right side of roadway and no seat belt, dismissed.

Marc Cantrell, 22, of New Carlisle, assault amended to menacing, guilty, fined $50.

Dejuan Lee Gilmore, 45, of 1424 Noel Drive, OVI, guilty, 12 months driver’s license suspension, 30 days jail term, suspended, terminate administrative license suspension without reinstatement fee, fined $375; OVI, failure to stop/yield stop sign and open container, dismissed.

Khallid Hurt, 24, of 520 Damascus, failure to comply and two counts of child endangering, dismissed.

Cases called Friday included:

Bonnie J. Arnold, 41, of 1912 W. Washington St., criminal damaging, innocent, bond $2,000.

Levi Black, 34, of Tipp City, drug abuse marijuana, speed and two counts of OVI, innocent.

Alexa Collins, 21, of 474 1/2 N. Wittenberg Ave., two counts of OVI, marked lanes and no tail lights, innocent.

Calvin L. Decker, 40, of Medway, OVI,, failure to control and display of license plates, innocent.

Edwin O. Emrich Jr., 43, address unknown, four counts of violation of temporary protection order, innocent, bond $5,000.

Sarah Holton, 29, of Waverly, theft and receiving stolen property, innocent.

Mary E. Jackson, 29, of 609 Tibbetts Ave., disorderly conduct and menacing, innocent, bond $500.

Thomas E. Jackson, 56, of 609 Tibbetts Ave., domestic violence, innocent.

Charles Leatherman, 25, of Medway, domestic violence, assault and child endangering, innocent, released on own recognizance.

Matheu H. Lester, 26, of 5746 Willow Dale Road, vandalism, innocent, bond $2,500.

Cody D. Masters, 24, of New Carlisle, domestic violence and assault innocent, bond $12,500.

Dorian Marcel Miller, 43, of 1714 Tibbetts Ave., violation of temporary protection order, innocent, bond $1,000.

Shawn A. Morrow, 53, of St Paris, four counts of violation of fire prevention code, innocent.

Anthony K. Ragland, 38, address unknown, violation of protection order, innocent, bond $2,500.

Kwesi Walls, 39, of 725 Mason St., trafficking in marijuana, failure to comply, resisting arrest and illegal use/possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, tinted glass, two lights and no seat belt, innocent.

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