Clark County Municipal Court cases

Dec 26, 2017

Cases called Saturday included:

Shane F. Brooks, 44, of 1018 Middle St., two counts of criminal damaging, innocent,bond $2,000.

Melissa Annette Davis, 44, of 501 W. High St., burglary, innocent, bond $10,000.

Richard E. Dixon, 43, of 352 W. Southern Ave., use/possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs, innocent, bond $2,000.

Donald Mathew Greeno, 22, of 318 N. Clairmont Ave., OVI, hit-skip, driver’s license required and traffic signal, innocent. bond $2,500.

Justin Richard Orrill, 37, of 730 Rice St., violation of temporary protection order, innocent, bond released on own recognizance.

Scott M. Silcott, 35, of Dayton, theft, innocent, bond $1,000.

Lee E. Southward, 32, of Enon, domestic violence and assault, innocent, bond $5,000.

Chasity Nichole, 37, of 1305 Beverly Ave., OVI, guilty, bond $2,500.

Lindsey Rae Thompson, 32, of Urbana, falsification, innocent, released on own recognizance.

Mason William Weatherly, 18, of 24 E. Southern Ave., resisting arrest and two counts of assault, innocent, bond $3,000.

Cases called Thursday included:

Derrin Lee Anderkin, 34, of 715 Leffel Lane, OVI, guilty, three days jail, credited, 12 months driver’s license suspension, fined $375.

Darryl Lamont Arnold, 51, of 1307 S. Limestone St., OVI, guilty, 90 days jail term, three days credited, balance suspended, 12 months driver’s license suspension, fined $500.

Stephen P. Doane, 35, of 501 Lyle, OVI, guilty, 60 days jail, three days credited, balance suspended, 12 months probation, fined $500; driver’s license required, hit-skip and assured clear distance, dismissed.

Robert E. Dobyns, 55, of 1513 N. Limestone St., OVI/urine, guilty, 90 days jail term, 12 months driver’s license suspension, bind $750.

Timothy Pierce, 59, of 17 W. Johnson Av.e, Apt. 217, OVI, guilty, 90 days jail term, three days credited, 12 months probation, fined $500.

Allison Elizabeth Resnicky, 21, of New Carlisle, OVI amended to DUI-under age consumption, guilty, 30 days jail term, suspended, 12 months driver’s license suspension, six months probation, fined $250.

Jonathan Oral Benear, 26, of South Vienna, domestic violence and assault, dismissed.

William M. Hoelscher, 56, of 421 N. Shaffer St., OVI, tail lights and seat belt, dismissed.

Winnie L. Huffman, 47, of Chillicothe, theft, dismissed.

Robert Francis Jackson, 32, of 2012 Erie St., selling drug paraphernalia, dismissed.

Courtney M. Self, 27, of 504 E. Southern Ave., theft, dismissed; criminal trespassing, guilty, 30 days jail term, suspended, fined $100; theft, guilty, 180 day jail term, 179 days suspended, six days credit for time served, 12 months probation, fined $250.

Cases called Tuesday included:

Nickolas L. Carmichael, 38, address at large, domestic violence and assault, innocent, bond $2,000.

Bart Cason, 41, of South Charleston, OVI, OVI/breath and assured clear distance, innocent.

Krysta N. Durden, 18, address at large, OVI and driving under suspension, innocent; two counts of theft, driving under suspension, driving under forfeiture/child support, hit-ship, falsification and obstructing official business, bond $17,500.

Luke D. Farris, 32, of 5230 Troy Rd, domestic violence, receiving stolen property and possession of criminal tools, and assault, innocent, bond $10,000.

Whitney Danielle Fisher, 27, of 246 E. Third St., theft, innocent.

Angelica Marie Hagans, 27, of 1927 Superior Ave., theft, innocent.

Dashawn R. Hutchins, 25, of 1538 W. Clark St., OVI, state OVI, 12-point suspension and speed, innocent, bond $2,500.

Walter Deoan McGhee Jr., 21, of 1620 N. Yellow Springs St., Apt. 14, domestic violence, innocent, bond $1,000.

Paige S. Pollard, 29, of 2907 E. High St., theft, falsification, driving under suspension and expired tag or sticker, innocent, bond $1,115.

William Oscar Riggins, 40, of 562 Prairie Ave., assault, innocent.

Terry Wayne Stockman, 59, of 1361 Emery Ave., theft, innocent.