Clark County Municipal Court cases


Andrew Duane Burton, 59, of 711 W. Main St., felonious assault, dismissed, indicted by the grand jury.

Isaiah Krabacher, 32, of New Carlisle, OVI, guilty, 60 days jail, 50 days suspended, 12 months driver’s license suspension, 12 months probation,fined $525.

Corey A. Lanier Sr., 49, of 1820 Clay St., criminal trespass, dismissed.

Tiffany L Smith, 37, of New Carlisle, felonious assault/weapon and improper discharge of firearms, dismissed, indicted by the grand jury; domestic violence, dismissed.

Jeremiah T Abston, 35, of 2137 Larch St., Apt. 2, aggravated robbery, dismissed, indicted by the grand jury.

Mary A. Brickman, 21, of 1221 Lagonda Ave., domestic violence, dismissed, indicted by the grand jury.

William T. Foster, 79, of 2114 Kenton St., harassment w/bodily substance, dismissed.

Christopher J. Harris, 56, of London, domestic violence and assault, dismissed.

Andrew K. Kelly, 23, of 2737 E. High St., OVI and parking, dismissed.

Anthony W.E. Long, 24, of 213 W. High St., unauthorized use of motor vehicle, dismissed.

James D. Massey, 51, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, dismissed.

Destina M Plantz, 24, of 2643 Cavins, assault, dismissed.

Shawn P. Vollmer Jr., 26, of 32 Buxton Ave., firearms in motor vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property, dismissed, indicted by the grand jury.


Mark A. Dean Sr., 45, of 303 N. Shaffer St., domestic violence and assault, innocent, bond $1,000.

Timothy W. Grigsby Jr., 39, of Moraine, receiving stolen property and criminal trespassing, innocent, bond $2,500.

Thomas M Wilson, 21, of 2132 Greenbrier Ave., drug abuse marijuana, OVI and red light, innocent.

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