Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Dec 26, 2017



Property Transfers

Marilyn D. Milbrandt to Tyler P. Pesta, 225 Hedge Dr., Springfield; $119,900.

Jonica G. Hamilton to Kristan L. Lewis, 3080 Selma Pike, Springfield; $126,900.

Constance M. Fischer to Thomas J. Reedy Jr., 1084 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; no fee.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cynthia A. Ely, 1812 Delaware Ave., Springfield; $12,000.

Sharon L. Moss to Dustin and Kathy Owens, 437 Rosewood Ave., Springfield; $8,000.

James Patrick and Margaret Louise Jenkins to Future Sights LLC, 1239-1241 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $33,000.

Daniel A. and Rosemary E. Haemmerle to Robert E. and Melissa D. Skinner, 1156 N. Bechtle Ave., 1158 Bechtle Ave., and 1422 Albemarle Road, Springfield; $165,000.

Robert E. Nave to Melissa Smith and Martin Levitin, 721 Rubsam St., Springfield; $25,000.

Ralph F. Stickford Jr., and Caroline M. Stickford to Caroline M. Stickford, 1319 N. Plum St., Springfield; no fee.

Pamela M. Smith to Pamela M. Smith, 826 Allen Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Gerald A. and Karen A. Graham to Rex P. and Teresa A. Jackson, 1774 Edwards Ave., Springfield; no fee.

US Bank NA, Trustee, to Transformation Properties USA LLC, 1591 Summit St., Springfield; $4,500.

Nancy Joanne Davis to Jeffrey R. and Valerie N. Hayes, 416-418, 420 and 0 E. Main St., Springfield; $45,000.

Carl M. and Tina Dixon to Midfirst Bank, 520 N. Church St., New Carlisle; $101,400.

US Bank NA to David Frederick Courtright, 3504 Noble Drive, Springfield; $13,100.

Jeffrey Z. Spradlin to Scott Z. Spradlin, Cottingham Road, South and 2417 Cottingham Road, Springfield; no fee.

Rosemary Jean Machado to Ronald F. and Carol E. Bates, 480 W. Columbus Road, South Charleston, $670,000.

Jack E. and Judith Ann Woods to Troy R. and Ashley D. Mershon, 2620 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $132,900.

Shelby L. Lanier to Robert W. Penry, 6175 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $90,000.

Wilbert R. and Jessie M. Steele to Wilbert R. Steele, 8001 Stott Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Ty Investments LLC, 2610 Springfield Xenia Road, Springfield; no fee.

Connie S. Kendall to Dale H. and Winifred M. Johnson, 211 Beech Drive, Springfield; $216,000.

David P. and Nancy L. Lyden to David P. Lyden, 492 N. Bird Road, Springfield; no fee.

Opal O. Chandler to Beverly L. Diltz, 313 Birch Road, Springfield; $102,000.

James and Opal O. Chandler to Opal O. Chandler, Birch Road, Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp. to Lionell Ogburn, 1163 Montgomery Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp. to Janetta Alberta Heath and Matthew Loges, 817 Grant St., Springfield; no fee.

Beverly K. Smitley to James A. Burton, 2117 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $28,500.

Joshua C. Wager to TL & NC LLC, 814 E. Rose St., Springfield; $27,000.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to DSV SPV3 LLC, 1322 Sunset Ave, Springfield; $10,400.

George L. Witenko to Ronald E. and Mary Jo Pyles, 536 Ludlow Ave., Springfield; $50,000.

Leslie M. Lenoci to Jeff Frost, 702 E. Euclid Ave., Springfield; $2,000.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Eric Abbott, 1163 Selma Road, Springfield; $10,500.

E. Leonard and Lottie C. Brown to Kevin Bertil Brown, 1534 Winding Trail, Springfield; no fee.

Durene Myers to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 24 W. Grand Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp. to Marsha L. Moats and Christina E. Whaley, 116 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Clark County Fuller Center for Housing to Mark and Lori Senter, 507-509 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $79,600.