Clark County busts nets 52 pounds of marijuana, cash from West Coast

Clark County deputies found a large amount of cash and drugs from the West Coast totaling $190,000 after two related traffic stops and busts this week, leading to four arrests.

More than 52 pounds of marijuana, $10,000 in cash and guns were found, Clark County Lt. Kristopher Shultz said.

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“This came from either Oregon or the Northern California area,” he said.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office new VICE and Organized Crime Unit made the stops, said Shultz, commander of the unit. Deputies have been conducting ongoing surveillance of a variety of people and locations, he said.

“The Vice and Organized Crime Unit of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is working diligently … to make sure this kind of substance and all the other illegal substances that are affiliated with this or could be affiliated with heroin, fentanyl, those kind of things, are taken off the streets of Clark County at a very vigorous and rapid pace,” Shultz said.

Jeremy Runyan, 27, of 827 Olive St., faces three counts of drug possession and one count of drug trafficking, according to court records. He pleaded not guilty in the Clark County Municipal Court on Monday morning. Bond was set at $100,000.

Madison Schneider, 22, of Lafayette, La., also faces three counts of drug possession and one count of drug trafficking, court records say. Schneider pleaded not guilty and her bond was set at $11,025.

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Michael A. Collins, 22, of 1825 Villa Road and Brennon M. Hill, 28, of 1034 Jasper St. both faces charges of possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs. Both pleaded not guilty and their bonds were set at $10,000.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office detectives observed Runyan and Schneider allegedly remove duffel bags from a car and place them into the home on Olive Street on Sunday morning, according to court records.

Schneider then left the home and was followed by deputies. She was later pulled over for not using a turn signal as she went into the Tim Horton’s on East Main Street, court records say.

Deputies searched the car with a K-9 officer and allegedly found both a bag of marijuana and a bag of suboxone pills. Schneider was arrested and placed in the Clark County Jail.

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The K-9 unit later pulled over Runyan and another man in a car leaving the home on Olive Street. Runyan was detained as deputies awaited a search warrant to search the home, court records say.

Deputies could smell marijuana coming from the house, according to court records. Once inside the home, deputies allegedly found two duffel bags containing multiple one-pound bags of marijuana. About 42 pounds of marijuana allegedly was found, as well as mushrooms, meth and about $1,600 in cash.

A short time later, Clark County Sheriff’s Office received information about a large amount of drugs delivered to a home on Jasper Street. Deputies observed two male suspects — Collins and Hill — leaving the home and followed them, later pulling them over and allegedly noticing a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car.

Deputies alleged they found eight pounds of marijuana in the back seat of the car, with seven pounds inside of a pizza delivery bag.

The two traffic stops and searches are connected, Shultz said.

The drugs will be sent to a crime lab for further testing. More charges could be added to the suspects and more arrests could be made, Shultz said.

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