Clark County brothers indicted in connection with home break-in

Investigators looking into possible connection to other burglaries.

Two Springfield men have been indicted after they were allegedly caught in the act of burglarizing a home by the homeowner.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said they are looking into whether the men, who are brothers, are involved in a recent rash of home burglaries across the county in recent weeks.

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A Clark County grand jury indicted on Monday Roger Smith, 35, and Gerald Smith, 37, both of Springfield, with fives charges each of aggravated burglary and one of tampering with evidence.

The pair were arrested last week after the owner of a house on Newlove Road allegedly found the two men fleeing from the front and rear doors upon her return home, deputies said.

The homeowner called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers a suspicious car was backed into her driveway and that one man had jumped into the car and hit the homeowner’s car as she attempted to block his path.

Deputies alleged that as Gerald Smith drove off, Roger Smith fled through the back door of the house and into a cornfield, where investigators said they later found him nearby.

Detectives found jewelry stolen from the home at the time of the burglary in the possession of the two men, according to court records.

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Both men are booked in the Clark County Jail and are scheduled to be arraigned on the charges in a Clark County Common Pleas courtroom on Friday.

Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson reports a Clark County grand jury also returned the following indictments:

Devik Eugene Hargo, 56, 220 Montgomery Avenue, Apt. 114: Aggravated robbery.

Robert Lemoine Huffman, 23, 21 W. Clark St.: Discharge of a firearm on or near prohibited premises, trespass in a habitation when a person is present or likely to be present.

Shawn Philip Beck, 20, 809 ½ W. Main St: Robbery.

Jeremiah Thomas Lewis, 21, 806 Allen Dr.: Robbery.

Donald Mustin, 24: Aggravated robbery.

Jeremy Michael Paul, 38, 715 W. Main St., Apt½: Felonious assault.

Desiree Clanda Slone, 20, 221 E. Euclid Ave.: Aggravated robbery, felonious assault, theft of drugs, aggravated possession of drugs.

Brian Adlon Dague Jr., 26, 221 Heistand: Two counts of theft.

Hayden M. Hensel, 26: Two counts of receiving stolen property.

Cameron Zane Walder, 19, 5000 S. Charleston Pike: Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Eric Lee Vanbeber, 31, 780 Bellevue Ave.: Violating protection order or consent agreement.

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