Champaign County investigates complaint about dog’s conditions

Nov 13, 2017

Champaign County residents reported a dog in what they believed to be poor conditions but the dog warden checked and said it appears healthy.

The Champaign County Dog Warden received a complaint from an Urbana resident, Logan Borroughs, earlier this month about a dog at a home on South Locust Street. She works for Creative Formations, a service for people with developmental disabilities. One of the individuals she cares for lives near the dog and she sees it often.

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It appeared to her that he wasn’t receiving food and water regularly, she said, and don’t see any one with him.

“He looked very distressed,” Borroughs said. “He seemed sad all the time. There was nothing for him.”

The dog’s owner couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Creative Formations staff and individuals they care have nicknamed the animal “Big Dog,” she said, and he has a friendly disposition. They bought treats and food for Big Dog, Borroughs said, but the owner left notes and told them to stop.

After recent heavy rains, she said conditions allegedly got worse.

“His dog house was caving in on him,” Borroughs said.

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Borroughs said her recent complaint is one of several she and others have made over the years. However, the dog wardens said it was the second complaint they have received. The first one was reported on Oct. 11.

The dog wardens declined a request to be interviewed but said they visited the animal on Oct. 12 and he was in good health. Adequate shelter, food and water were provided and the dog had current tags.

The warden visited again after the most recent complaint this month. The dog’s owner was spoken to and he bought a new shelter and straw was spread in the yard.

Borroughs is glad the dog warden responded and that a new shelter was installed.

“I was really relieved something had been done,” Borroughs said.