Cottrel: Very British corner of Clark County celebrates Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

As Great Britain celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II, a very British corner of Clark County was not about to be left out of the festivities.

Enon’s newest restaurant, The Last Queen, 210 East Main St., had special menu items each day during the celebration. The grand finale at the gastropub was an Afternoon Tea to honor the Queen on Sunday.

Since owners Adrian and Maggie Shergill wanted those attending the tea to feel like they were in London with the others celebrating, the large television screen televised the parade in London “Live.” The sunny weather in London on the delayed broadcast perfectly matched the lovely summer day in the courtyard of the restaurant.

The glass garage style doors were open so that the 40 guests had the choice of dining in the tree shaded courtyard or in the open air dining area.

For those of you who are wondering, Gastropubs are pubs, or bars, that serve quality foods or meals in addition to spirits and beers. Both the beer and the food menus share in importance.

For the Afternoon Tea, a three-tiered serving tray was in the middle of each table and tea was served in delicate matching china tea sets.

As tradition dictated, the guests worked their way up, eating the bottom sandwiches first, then the scones and clotted cream or jelly on the middle layer, followed by sweet delights on top. Most diners, however, did take a moment to appreciate the visual display of the trays before diving in.

One guest told me later that she’s an American, but she has always had a soft place in her heart for Queen Elizabeth II. She and her friends wanted to join in the celebration. I think that is what brought many of the guests. Queen Elizabeth II is popular in America, too.

On display on the wall of the pub is a framed letter from Buckingham Palace replying to the Shergill’s daughter Zoe’s invitation to the Queen to have tea. It is a lovely thank you and a treasure.

Since its opening, the gastropub has attracted British citizens from all over the area who are happy to enjoy a taste of home. These tea aficionados were mixed with those trying a genuine English Afternoon Tea for the first time. For an hour all their worlds merged into a peaceful relaxing event.

Nicola Martin came all the way from London…Ohio for the afternoon tea. A British citizen, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event and hopes to bring her parents to visit.

Adrian told me that he sees fellow Britons almost daily in his pub, and they are pleased to see the foods they remember on the menus back home.

A popular and unique menu item is the Full English Breakfast, which is served only on Saturday and Sunday mornings until noon. These are huge platefuls of eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, bacon, baked beans and toast.

Adrian told me about one gentleman who ordered the Full English Breakfast and cleaned his plate before letting Adrian know that he was a fellow Briton. The man explained that he was afraid they would make the plate better than normal if they knew he was British. It turns out that the gastropub’s normal fare was exactly the breakfast the gentleman remembered from home and he promised to return.

The Shergill’s have searched the area to find local suppliers for quality ingredients and have some items especially made to their specifications.

“Our Bangers (sausages) are made for us with my herbs,” said Adrian. “No one else can claim our bangers.”

The regular British menu items are Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie, and on some days a lovely Curry. Familiar American food like hamburgers and a BLT round out the menu, which varies throughout the day. Guests order food at the bar and it is delivered to the table.

One should not forget this is an English pub, and the offerings are different from bars in the area.

“We have seven rotating taps, sours, IPAs and British beers,” Adrian said.

The year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was the perfect time for The Last Queen to open in Enon. It is a lovely relaxed oasis that has something new and different to offer guests.

Adrian and Maggie hope to have another afternoon tea in the future and will advertise well in advance so that guests will be able to plan ahead and make reservations.

Meanwhile, let’s all lift our tea cup, coffee mug, diet cola, or craft beer to salute Queen Elizabeth II one more time. God Save the Queen.

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