Clinic at Champaign County Animal Welfare League closed due to staffing issues

The David Robert Wetzell Memorial Clinic at the Champaign County Animal Welfare League (AWL) is now closed to the public because of staffing issues.

“We have been able to do public sterilizations, dental cleanings and minor surgeries along with vaccinations in the past, but due to staff shortage and lack of another veterinarian we are unable to continue any public services,” said executive director Tiger Franks.

Franks said they have a current staff vet, Dr. Amanda Wolf, but she performs vet services to the AWL residents and only works one day a week, and they also have a volunteer vet, Dr. Kelli Gentis, but she is restricted due to medical limitations.

They still have the surgical clinic onsite, but just don’t have the vet or tech staff to continue to provide the low cost surgeries or dental cleanings for the public. They are in need of at least a veterinarian, technician and receptionist.

Although the clinic is closed, they will still provide low-cost vaccination clinics throughout the year as they can.

“We do intend on opening back up to the public as soon as we have the staff to do so,” Franks said.

Along with the clinic and added staffing issues, the AWL is busy with the influx of animals from owner surrender increases, to strays, to puppy mills.

“We have been able to do a few feline spays/neuters in between doing our own residents, but with our influx we cannot keep up and have to focus on getting our residents fully vetted so they can be placed in their new homes,” Franks said. “Our policy is nothing leaves here without being sterilized, from our dogs and cats to the rabbits and male guinea pigs we will not add to the unwanted population of animals.”

Franks added that as they come into the height of kitten season, they will use their Ohio Pet Fund grant to sterilize and Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) the local cats and kittens. Once those funds are used, they will not be able to continue these services. She said donating to the Ohio Pet Fund grant by purchasing the Ohio Pet License Plates is what makes these particular grants possible, which are distributed to Ohio shelters, rescues and pounds yearly and are received February and March.

If there are any vets who would like to volunteer their services for TNR, contact the AWL at 937-834-5236.

For more information, visit the AWL on Facebook.

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