Clark State names new dean of business, applied technologies

Clark State College has appointed Adam Parrillo as the dean of business and applied technologies.

Parrillo has been with the college since 2015.

“I am fortunate to be supported by colleagues and only hope to live up to our collective expectations,” he said. “I’ve been at Clark State first as faculty, and appreciate this institution immensely. I take my profession seriously, whether as a faculty member or an administrator, especially toward those I serve and support.”

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In Parillo’s previous role as interim dean, Rick Woodfield, interim vice president for academic affairs, said his commitment to student success leadership has been outstanding.

“Parrillo is a hardworking, student-centered, kind leader who is unassuming and supportive of his team,” he said. “His community-focused thinking helps keep the program areas he serves well connected to workforce needs and their ever-changing technology demands.”

Parrillo said he is honored to serve the college and community, and works to be open, understanding and transparent in his responsibilities.

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“I believe in the academic mission and know I can assist this institution in navigating the ongoing and upcoming challenges in serving our students with relevant and accessible academic programming,” he said. “It’s been an interesting couple of years, in a variety of contexts, but I know the stability of this institution is in our team and their efforts to serve and impact our communities.”

As a three-time graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Parrillo earned his Bachelor of Science in geography and his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in human geography.

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