Clark-Shawnee challenges Greenon to canned food drive competition

The Clark-Shawnee Local School District has challenged the Greenon Local School District to a canned food drive competition.

The competition will run from Dec. 4-8 in both districts, in which all canned food donated by students and staff will be given to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“As a public school, we strive to be an integral part of our community,” said Clark-Shawnee Superintendent Brian Kuhn. “Our annual food drive provides an opportunity for the families and staff of our district to give back and support our neighbors.”

“Greenon, as a community, loves to give back,” said Greenon Superintendent Darrin Knapke. “We know times are tough for many families, especially as the holidays are approaching. Second Harvest Food Bank supports so many individuals and families in the community during the holidays and all year, and we are excited to contribute to their impact on our community.”

Second Harvest food bank barrels will be placed in the school offices of both districts. Cans will be tallied by each district the week after the drive and the school with the most items donated wins.

The district and superintendent who wins the challenge will earn bragging rights for the year. The losing school’s superintendent and two principals will dress in the winning school’s colors and visit their board office to sing Christmas Carols on Friday, Dec. 15, and a video of the Christmas caroling will be posted on social media.

This is not the first time Greenon and Clark-Shawnee have entered into a food drive challenge. Currently, the score is 2-0 in favor of Greenon.

“We are up for the challenge again, especially for such a good cause,” Knapke said. “We are confident that our generous Greenon families will pull off another win for the Knights.”

Although Greenon has one before, Kuhn believes this is their year for victory.

“I am very excited that Clark-Shawnee can partner with Greenon Local in a friendly competition,” Kuhn said. “The Braves are definitely ready for the challenge and I think Mr. Knapke should know my favorite Christmas Carol is Jingle Bells and I look forward to hearing him sing that for us here at the Clark-Shawnee Board Office”

Second Harvest Food Bank is a local nonprofit organization that collects and distributes food to those in need in Clark, Champaign, and Logan Counties. In 2022, the food bank served 48,312 individuals with 5,873,713 pounds of food. For more information, visit

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