Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Amanda S. Day, 41, of South Charleston, OH, fugitive, innocent, continued, PD appointed, defendant refused to waive extradition, bond set at “no bond”.

Branden L. Mcmillien, 28, of Ada, OH, receiving stolen property, innocent, bench warrant ordered, bond $2,000.

Paul E. Powell Jr., 32, of 212 W. Southern Ave., flee/elude police officer, continued, PD appointed, bond $5,000.

Joseph M. Seng Sr., 59, of 2000 Springmont Ave., child endangering, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Bradley A. Chaney, 33, of 601 S. York St., domestic violence, bench warrant ordered, assault, bench warrant ordered, resisting arrest, bench warrant ordered, obstructing official business, bench warrant ordered.

Jason R. Cooper, 46, of 436 W. Southern Ave., breaking and entering, continued, PD appointed.

Brooke A. Derefield, 23, of 1951 Wilkes Drive, Apt. G, complicity, bench warrant ordered.

Taylor P. Young, 27, of 145 Auburn Ave., OVI, continued, PD appointed.

Dylan M. Potter, 27, of 626 Tibbetts Ave., flee/elude police officer, bench warrant ordered, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS, bench warrant ordered, operate without valid operator license, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered.

Ronald E. Harris II, 58, of 24 W. College Ave., Apt. 5, attempt, dismissed - indicted, felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - indicted.

Ciera D. Jones, 31, of Huber Heights, OH, aggravated menacing, guilty, 30 days of jail, 30 days concurrent with 20TRC03236, aggravated menacing, dismissed.

Shane R. Jubinville, 51, of 2180 Willow Road, OVI reduced to disregard of safety, guilty, ALS terminated, fined $150, assured clear distance, dismissed.

Joshua L. Morris, 32, of 912 Stump Lane, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Jordan M. Scott, 30, of 1429 Grover St., domestic violence, dismissed, assault, continued, obstructing official business, dismissed.

Calvin J. Wagner, 36, of 1583 Lagonda Ave., assault, continued, PD appointed.

Lamont A. Walton, 47, of 1308 Delta Road, Apt. E, theft, guilty, 180 days of jail with 140 days suspended, 24 months of probation, 180 days jail, 140 suspended, 30 days CTS, obtain job if physically able, defendant to be released, early if res. treatment spot opens.

Lamont A. Walton, 47, of 360 S. Limestone, Apt. 408, theft, dismissed.