Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0289: Laleta Jackson v. Kevin Densmore, John/Jane Doe #1 (employer), Midwest Logistics Systems LTD., personal injury.

20CV0290: Citibank NA v. Judy Dodd, Judith Ivory, money account.

Property transfers:

Franklin D. and Kathleen A. Levalley to Regan E. Rakestraw, 2110 Duquesne Dr., Springfield; $95,900

Brandy N. Rexroad to Glenn Simpson, 196 Hedge Dr., Springfield; $178,500

Helen D. Gifford to Karen D. and Wylie G. Rhinehart Jr., 198 Downey Dr., E., Springfield; $100,000

Karen D. and Wylie G. Rhinehart Jr., to Makala Jae Myers, 198 Downey Dr., E., Springfield; $168,900

Harold Dean Bartley to Gail Dawn Weeks, Monterey Ave., Springfield; no fee

Kathleen K. Collins to Michael A. and Tina L. Bailey, 211 S. Bird Road, Springfield; $129,900

Thomas M. Taylor to Richard D. and Tiffany L. Sudduth, 1802 Cheviot Hills Dr., Springfield; $193,500

Kathy L. Brugger to Kurt A. Brugger, 1831 S. Bird Road, Springfield; no fee

Jose L. and Rebekah Epp to Amanda L. Penewit, 3496 E. High St., Springfield; $132,000

Shawn D. Sprinkle to Sabrina M. and Lawrence Hall Jr., 3685 Calhoun Dr., Springfield; $149,900

John Frank Edwards to Brandon R. and Holly Ann Dohme, 3444 Ventura Ave., Springfield; $214,500

Pamela K. Riano to Esther M. and Kevin J. Johnson Sr., 3427 E. National Road, Springfield; $113,400

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