Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0450: TF Bank USA N.A. v. Erica L. Shingler, action for money.

24CV0451: CIG Financial LLC v. David Wimms, action for money.

24CV0452: Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v. William Gauthier, action for money.

24CV0453: Cynthia R. Millian v. LVNV Funding LLC, action for money.

24CV0454: Resurgent Capital Services and LVNV Funding LLC v. Racheal Gaver, action for money.

24CV0455: Bank of America N.A. v. Miles A. Pullins, action for money.

24CV0456: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Lacey Bell, action for money.

24CV0457: Pamela Hatfield v. Lora Delawder and Twin City Fire Insurance Company, personal injury.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Kimberly J. Paul, 55, of Springfield, and Chris A. Adams, 45, of Springfield, Ferncliff Cemetery.

Jared M. Carter, 28, of Springfield, field technician, and Anna M. Ebrite, 28, of Springfield, cosmetologist.

Mary D. Albano, 20, of New Carlisle, and Elijah C. Delaney, 23, of Springfield, general labor.

Haleigh M. Eppert, 20, of South Vienna, general manager, and Duke T. Kelly, 20, of South Vienna, maintenance.

Property transfers:

NVR Inc. to Marie T. Louis, 226 Mackinac Drive, Springfield; $276,600.

NVR Inc. to Christopher J. Koutnik, 243 Ambassador Drive, Springfield; $296,900.

NVR Inc. to Holly L. and Sherry L. Harris, 231 London Ave., Springfield; $289,900.

Gail J. Cottrell to Jacob and Harley Beck, 2913 Erter Drive, Springfield; $120,000.

Mohamed Ameur to Steven Midgley and Kristen Camp, 1129 Ryan Road, Springfield; $285,000.

Security national Bank and Trust Company to Timothy L. and Beth A. Neville, 700 Santa Monica Ave., Springfield; $247,000.

John N. Oliver Jr. to Shelby L. McHenry, 1138 Eastgate Road, Springfield; $179,900.

Donald E. Bryan to Rosemary Hansford, 2917 Avery Circle, Springfield; $160,000.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Friends of the Hartman Rock Garden LLC, 899 McCain Ave., Springfield; $0.

Norman Bass Jr. to Marie Pantal and Sherly Elusme, 1412 Noel Drive, Springfield; $115,000.

US Bank NA to Fadel Qendah, 609 Portage Path, Springfield; $62,100.

Natalie and Joshua Jackson to Richard L. and Deena L. Foster, 1111 W. Mulberry St., Springfield; $70,000.

Joseph Page to Michael A. Leinasars, 524 W. Clark St., Springfield; $3,000.

Samuel F. Harris to Evelia B. Villa, 813 Farnam St., Springfield; $52,000.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Clayton Owens and Yvonne Elba, 613, 617-619 Dibert Ave., Springfield; $0.

Chris Hatcher to Kody and Heather Sickles, 1522 W. Main St., Springfield; $15,000.

Daniel D. Hafle to Abisai H. Santiago, 516 Cedar St., Springfield; $34,000.

Glenn R. Parks to Arthur E. and Nancy R. Wilson, 598 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $10,000.

Jayson S. and Mary B. Skaggs to Jayson S. and Mary E. Skaggs, 1419 Malden Ave., Springfield; $0.

James E. Kincaid to Richard A. and Debra A. Dustin, 1325 W. First St., Springfield; $430,000.

James E. Kincaid to Richard A. and Debra A. Dustin, 1318 Albemarle Road, Springfield; $430,000.

Debbie S. Garrity to Kimberly Tagg, 1420 H. Saint Paris Road, Springfield; $135,000.

Joy L. Myers to Be Our Guest Rentals LLC, 215 Seever St., Springfield; $43,800.

Daniel McClintick to Allison McClintick, 1729 Salem Ave., Springfield; $65,000.

Jeanett Adkins to Jennifer L. Bryiant, 2115 Memorial Drive, Springfield; $66,300.

John and Mae H. Surbaugh to John Surbaugh, 2420 Kenton St., Springfield; $0.

Eugene and Sandra F. Daniels to Sandra F. Daniels, 2307 Hoppes Ave., Springfield; $0.

RMT Properties LLC to Tiont Wright, 920 N. Burnett Road, Springfield; $75,000.

Reyes Rentals LLC to Carrillo Group LLC, 2435 Beatrice St., Springfield; $0.

Rodney Rahrle to Rodney L. and Lori E. Rahrle, trustees, 515 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $80,000.

Richard McLaughlin to Sonia E. Casoverde, 310 East St., Springfield; $38,000.

Jerry K. Smedley to Alvarez and Escamilla Holdings Co LLC, 1834 E. High St., Springfield; $150,000.

ET Property Springfield LLC to ET Springfield Property LLC, 219-221, 222-224, 226-228, 229-231, 239-241 Saint George Place, Springfield; $0.