Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0408: Allstate Vehicle & Property Insurance Company, as Subrogee of Christopher Neal v. Nicolas Preston Haas, action for money.

24CV0409: Stacy Crites v. Mary Jo Adams APRN, Jody Adams Healthcare LLC and Regional Occupational Health Clinics LLC, wrongful death.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Felisha L. Lanfranco, 42, of Springfield, machine operator, and Salomon Georges, 46, of Springfield, machine operator.

Kylie E. Coffey, 21, of Springfield, manager, and Cain M. Voorhees, 21, of Springfield.

Cheri LaVon Stocker, 68, of Springfield, retired, and Roberta Louise Stocker, 65, of Springfield, office manager.

Kyleigh Frost, 19, of New Carlisle, and Bryanna Giggey, 20, of New Carlisle.

Property transfers:

Jose E. Bernardino to Jose E. Bernardino, trustee, 204 W. Jackson St., New Carlisle; $0.

Lee E. Foster to Mara M. Hemmer, 4818 Troy Road, Springfield; $275,000.

One Life Property Solutions LLC to Justin and Sarah Derringer, 24 North St., Tremont City; $205,000.

George H. and Bertha M. Bolin, co-trustees to Rusty E. Smith, 451-453 Blose St., Tremont City; $150,000.

Lowell H. and Carrol J. Black to Lowell H. Black, 6400 N. River Road, South Charleston; $0.

Susan K. Yowler to Erin Bass, 2461 Cottingham Road N., Springfield; $72,200.

Cristina Michea, trustee to Michael and Danielle Mortell, 5236 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $77,700.

Arthur B. Stopps III to Wesley C. Black, 327 S. Urbana St., South Vienna; $110,000.

Jeffrey M. Johnson to Tina Tabor, 13152 E. National Road, South Vienna; $350,000.

Ty B. and Robyn E. Callicoat to Ty B. Callicoat, 13000 Old Osborne Road, South Vienna; $0.

Local Home Investment Group LLC Trustee to Melissa B. Griffin, 3979 Dolly Varden Road, South Charleston; $0.

Danny L. and Linda J. Hitt to Linda J. Hitt, 34 E. Mound St., South Charleston; $0.

Phillip B. Strait and Constance Fowler to Nathaniel D. and Magdalena A. Burke, 2578 Brookdale Road, Springfield; $270,000.

Christina A. Campbell to Katie and Tyler Sloan, 3860 Sparkhill Drive, Enon; $168,000.

Thomas and Jody Lambert to Caleb J. and Morgan K. Raines, 4694 Jeremy Ave., Springfield; $0.

Glen R. Branham and Stephen M. Carrera to Stephen M. Carrera, 280 Countryside Drive, Enon; $0.

Ronald D. and Donna J. Taulton to Ashley Montgomery and Shirley Turner, 71 Fairfield Pike, Enon; $322,000.

Judith A. Riedel to Nicholas A. Johnson, 5283 Twitchell Road, Springfield; $160,000.

Tony A. and Marilyn D. Stevens to Tony A. Stevens, 3075 Willow Road, Springfield; $0.

Steven P. and Tammy L. Schafer to Rochelle R. Kincaid, 2975 E. Country Line Road, Springfield; $330,000.

Christina G. Conley to Marcia Smith, 6359 Harvest St., Springfield; $165,000.

Aaron E. and Ashley D. Lopez to Janice Harlow, 4474 Phoenix Drive, Springfield; $240,000.

Constance S. Jackson to Zachary D. and Maria R. Stillings, 1122 Ferndale Lane, Springfield; $167,500.

Logan C. Vermillion and Hailey L. Watts to Logan C. Vermillion, 4549 Willowbrook Drive, Springfield; $0.

Green Monkey Building Systems LLC to Anoka 4239 LLC, 4239 Anoka St., Springfield; $0.

Steven D. and Catherine M. Leep to Lynn L. Pagel, 820 Falkirk Drive, Springfield; $505,000.

Chad M. and Jessica A. Pauley to Ryan and Karleigh Pennington, 5408 Taywell Drive, Springfield; $256,000.

Dustin Burgert and Elizabeth P. Lockard to Elizabeth P. Lockard, 54 E. Pleasant St., Catawba; $0.

Darren C. and Robin Peel to Joshua A. Sakaitis, 2135 Scioto Drive, Springfield; $235,000.

Jana Irwin to Jana Irwin, 140 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield; $0.

RMT Properties LLC to Luke A. and Mackenzie Williams, 5126 Kerns Road, Springfield; $309,000.

Thomas E. and Barbara J. Dotson to Cody and Emily Parker, 3450 Ridge Road, Springfield; $476,000.