Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Current cases:

22CV0186: James E. Fraley v. Stephanie McCloud, administrator, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation; The O. S. Kelly Company, bureau of workers comp appeal.

22CV0187: Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC v. Donald Wisecup, action for money.

22CV0188: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Jorden Maine, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Emily Maria Kerber, 32, of Sidney, sonographer and Andrew Patrick Bahun, 33, of Springfield, Army Reserves.

Yuceli Lopez Ramirez, 22, of Springfield, warehouse and Dangli Hernandez Guzman, 23, of Springfield, shipping.

Lupita Martinez, 51, of New Carlisle, social worker and Amador Rivera Roblero, 68, of Fairfield, forklift driver.

Justine Lea Prater, 28, of South Vienna, physical therapist and Ethan Isaac Sites, 29, of South Vienna, machinist/designer.

Property transfers:

Carolyn S. Cundiff to EMT Homes LLC, 311-315 N. Isabella St., Springfield; $68,000

Garrigan Real Estate LLC to 14 N. Yellow Springs St., LLC, 14 N. Yellow Springs St., $551,300

Shakuntla Chandra and Prem Chandra to Anna Delich, 1114 Redbud Lane, Springfield; $146,000

Judith Jacobs to Stephanie Jacobs, 2031 Harshman Blvd, Springfield; $57,300