Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

20CV0416: Jamison Gilmore II v. John Logue administrator, Topre America Corporation, bureau of workers compensation appeal.

20CV0417: Gina Tom v. Nelda Garrett-Masiongale, Gary Masiongale, Jerry Masiongate, complaint in partition.

20CV0418: Capital One Bank (USA) N A v. Joshua Hart, action for money.

20CV0419: Atkins & Waldren DDS Inc., Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Gretchen Adamson, Micah Adamson, John Does, punitive & compensatory damages.

Marriage licenses:

Brittany Poe, 30, of Springfield, home health supervisor and Thomas Rutter, 43, of Springfield, salesman.

Jenna Carter, 26, of Springfield, teacher and Sean Clagett, 26, of Springfield, warehouse associate.

April Anderson, 28, of Springfield, manager/student and Ankur Singh, 29, of Miamisburg, unemployed.

Property transfers:

James R. and Sandra S. Holzworth to Deborah K. Hastings, 1780 Willow Ridge Ct., Springfield; $220,000

Richard E. Reynolds to Jessica Westerfield, 4561 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; $133,000

Premier Property Rentals LTD to Bo A. Watts, 1670 N. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; $190,000

Joshua T. and Kelsey N. Ohlinger to Anthony W. Stickel, 2711 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna; $163,000

Phyllis L. Lemasters to Joseph R. and Katelyn M. Grace, 12830 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; $350,000

Mark B. Patterson to Sherrie L. Webb, 916 Wellington Dr., Springfield; $142,000

Gale Perrin to Alejandro Martine Valdez, 115 Dartmouth Road, Springfield; $30,000

Johnny R. and Paula J. Cain to Tiffany and Clarence Bowen, 264 Oakridge Dr., Springfield; $168,600

Merritt R. Johnson to Angela Joy Zargoza, 1352 Titus Road, Springfield; $134,500