Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Emily Elzey, 26, of Springfield, none and Hershel Begly, 33, of Springfield, carpenter.

Robyn McKinster, 29, of Springfield, none and Paul Stultz, 35, of Springfield, service manager.

Peggy Mills, 82, of Dayton, retired and Abraham Greene, 84, of New Carlisle, retired.

Madison Fitch, 19, of Springfield, unemployed and Matthew Moore, 19, of Springfield, order picker.

Triston McGuire, 22, of Springfield, service technician and Meghan Barton, 22, of Springfield, cosmetologist.

Emily Perry, 24, of South Vienna, self-employed and Austin Campbell, 24, of South Vienna, field supervisor.

Michael South, 27, of Springfield, IT consultant and Stacy Washburn, 26, of Springfield, marketing coordinator.

Frances Massie, 54, of Mechanicsburg, food specialist and David Jones, 73, of Mechanicsburg, retired.

Property transfers:

PNC Bank National Association to Ruthann M. Tuerck, 350 Birch Road, Springfield; $58,000

Ruthann M. Tuerck to RMT Properties LLC, 350 Birch Road, Springfield; no fee

Lora and Jamie Hamilton to Shaw Jacob, 2536 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; $150,000

Shaw Jacob to JTS, 2536 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; no fee

Marvin P. and Jill L. Tyson to Marvin P. Tyson, 2835 S. Burnett Road, Springfield; no fee

Adam and Ashley Cockerham to John Andrew and Heather N. Hahn, 2926-2928 Columbus Ave., Springfield; $125,000

Sue D. Allen to Edward Lorents, 2720 S. York St., Springfield; $3,000

Elaine Struck to Steven M. Haffke, 81 W. Possum Road, Springfield; $250,000

Janet Lininger and Emma McKillip to US Bank National Association Trustee, 421 Lyle Ave., Springfield; $20,000

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