Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0160: Kelly Wyen, Richard Wyen v. Clark County Treasurer, Farm Credit Mid-America FL CA, Sara Hogan, Other Unknown Heirs Devisees or Legatees Executors Administrators Spouses and Assigns Of Harry Schneider, David Schneider, Diana Schneider, Ethan Schneider, Stephen Schneider, quiet title.

21CV0161: Clovis Littlejohn, Penny Littlejohn v. Isiah Crossley, Dairyland Insurance Co., other civil.

21CV0162: D/b/a Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Newrez LLC v. Garrett Berry Jr., City of Springfield, Clark County Treasurer, Jane Doe Unknown Spouse of Garrett Berry Jr., John Doe Unknown Occupant/Tenant, PNC Bank National Association, Successor By Merger To National City Bank, foreclosure.

All filings are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Property transfers:

Spaulding Water to Susan B. and Robert L. Delong Jr., 740 Bischoff Road, New Carlisle; $260,000

Kevin S. Maxwell to Stacey Hensley, 3 First St., Medway; $90,000

Ronnie L. and Debra L. Mabry to Jerry Foster, 351 Pine Road, Medway; $99,400

Mitchell L. Greene to Veronica Van Bourgondien, 816 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $69,000

Steven W. Wilson to Steven W. and Michelle B. Wilson, 183 West Dr., Springfield; no fee

Rodz Bros Construction and Remodeling LLC to Mark Benjamin and Carrie Ann and Mark Benjamin, 511 Colony Trail, New Carlisle; $248,000

Christine R. Coe to Linda L. Asper, 702 Fenview Dr., New Carlisle; $159,900

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Ronald Cameron and Ron Ray Griffith, 20 N. Harrison St., Donnelsville; $60,000

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