Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Kylee C. Welbaum, 22, of St. Paris, unemployed and Kyle R. Arthur, 23, of St. Paris, Loves Truck Stop.

Estan D. Sutter, 22, of Springfield, student and Eloise C. Augustine, 20, of Lebanon, student.

Susan R. Cochran, 29, of New Carlisle, none and Zechariah E. Moyer, 21, of New Carlisle, instore associate.

Cecelia E. Grant, 50, of North Lewisburg, medical assistant and Shaun D. Will, 51, of North Lewisburg, sales.

Adam P. Niepsuj, 26, of New Carlisle, RN and Morgan E. Mumma, 28, of New Carlisle, real estate agent.

Nathan W. McCrite, 25, of Springfield, electrician and Alexis M. Stathopoulos, 22, of Springfield, teacher.

Property transfers:

Jonathan Nossa to Angela and Michael Anway, 416 W. Possum Road, Springfield; $219,000.

Kristopher R. and Elizabeth M. Adams to Pierre P. Pierre and Matylene Francois, 2233 Shawnee Ave., Springfield; $1456,000.

John C. Arment to Robert Freeman, 262 Hedge Drive, Springfield; $212,000.

Makala J. Myers to Tony and Emily Hernandez, 198 Downey Drive E., Springfield; $235,000.

Barbara G. Hart to Jose A. Davila, 619 and 531 N. Bird Road, Springfield; $91,500.

Dwayne D. and Cheryl Sebastian and Cheryl Sebastian, 3017 Troehler Road, Springfield; none.

Sheena K. Brooks to Perkins Capital LLC, 3650 E. National Road, Springfield; $130,000.

Benjamin T. O’Dell to Tony and Shirlena Smith, 2800 Oletha Ave., Springfield; $43,000.

Timothy C. Busch to Craig J. and Sherry Scarberry, 1771 Pinehurst Drive, Springfield; $210,000.

Holly W. McCarthy to Katherine Canales, 1308 Villa Road, Springfield; $82,000.