Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

John McKnight, 27, of Springfield, stocker and Caitlyn Winkle, 25, of Springfield, unemployed.

Aimee Palmer, 39, of Springfield, assembler and Thomas Lovin, 37, of Springfield, assembler.

Phillip Hoelscher, 41, of Springfield, HVAC and Sophia Blevins, 34, of Springfield, banker.

Taylor Pontsler, 26, of New Carlisle, organization director and Drew Watkins, 23, of New Carlisle, laborer.

Andrea McCloskey, 41, of Medway, unemployed and Michael Lokai, 43, of Medway, service manager.

Property transfers:

Down Home Property Solutions LLC to Levi and Rachel Higdon, 163 S. Harrison St., Enon; $159,900

Douglas A. Bardnell to Curtis Joe and Bonnie Sue Fransler, 255 Country Side Dr., Enon; $185,000

Benjamin K. and Trina L. Ross to Trina L. Ross, 471 Coronado Trail, Enon; no fee

Gregory Wentz to Nicol M. Chelsey, 411 Green Vista Dr., Enon; $180,000

Nita L. Mabry to Joy L. Salyer and Agustin Nolasco Solano, 4901 Temple St., Springfield; $55,000

Shirley L. Stewart to Andrienne B. and Richard L. Herring, 1819 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $166,000

Simplified Custom Solutions LLC to Denis S. and Marina Y. Kozlov, 1640 Montego Dr., Springfield; $147,500

Anne C. Foley to Staci R. Geyer, 4886 Brannan Dr. E., Springfield; $110,000

Amber N. Hudson to Gary Peltier, 5249 Stoneridge Dr., Springfield; $159,900

Ronald Lee and Sharon Kay Taylor to Nichole A. and Nathan R. Ark, 5307 Ridgewood Road E., Springfield; $170,000

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