Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0219: U.S Bank National Association v. Andrew Morgan, breach of contract.

23CV0220: Bobbie L. Stoll, Leeza J. Stoll v. Dawn D. Riley, personal injury.

23CV0221: Geradine D. Moore v. Jack J. Dean, State Farm Insurance, Molly J. Wildman, personal injury.

23CV0222: Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. v. 4 West LLC, action for money.

23CV0223: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Brie M. Whitt, breach of contract.

23CV0224: MyUSA Credit Union Inc. v. Adam M. Williams, Ronald G. Williams, breach of contract.

23CV0225: PNC Bank, National Association v. Clark County Ohio Treasurer, Aaron Schuler, Anthony Schuler, Holly Schuler, The Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatee, Executors, Administrators, Spouses and Assigns, and the Unknown Guardians of Minor and or Incompetent Heirs of Marc S. Schuler, Deceased, Address Unknown, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Aaron Schuler, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Anthony Schuler, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Holly Schuler, foreclosure.

23CV0226: William J. Howell v. John Logue, Administrator, BWC, Navistar International Transportation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

23CV0227: Jamestown Funding Trust v. Cathi Bittner, Cathi J. Bittner, Robert J. Bittner, Robert J. Bittner, JR, action for money.

23CV0228: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Nakeya N. Jeffries, action for money.

23CV0229: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Stacey Palmer, breach of contract.

23CV0230: KeyBank National Association, a national banking association v. Robert N. Shaw, breach of contract.

Marriage licenses:

Sanley Lacroix, 31, of Springfield, factory worker and Estephanie Latouche, 28, of Springfield, factory worker.

John D. Koepnick, 63, of Springfield, sales and Consuela M. Titus, 46, of Springfield, self employed.

Property transfers:

Roger J. and Carolyn L. Barcelona to Roger J. Barcelona, 1148 Student Ave., Springfield; $0.

Florence M. Brafford to John J. Readler, 4222 Willowbrook Drive, Springfield; $110,000.

Lew Griffitt and Todd Bootz to Lew Griffitt, 4168 Midfield St., Springfield; $0.

Kimberly Pelfrey and Alice M. Anderson to Jason D. Levier and Tom L. Culpepper, 5665 Willow Chase Circle, Springfield; $0.

Julia A. Lafferty to Jeffrey D. Snyder and Wendy S. Beahn, 5450 Brookshire Lane, Springfield; $465,000.

Patricia A. Williams to Susan K. Jackson, 5695 New Carlisle-St. Paris Road, New Carlisle; $140,000.

Bradley J. and Vickey M. Spencer to Robert and Karen Watson, 7495 W. Clark St., North Hampton; $21,000.

Paul E. and Teresa L. Gamble to Paul E. Gamble, 150 W. Clark St., North Hampton; $0.

Richard A. Ireland to Cathy Jo Stalder, 9901, 9935 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; $0.

Melissa Ricketts to Jason S. and Jean D. Rosengarten, 2165 Vernon-Asbury Road, South Vienna; $235,000.

Ronald E. and Nancy J. Turner to Nancy J. Turner, 11747 Broadgauge Road, South Vienna; $0.

William R. Stout to Ronald Griffith, 2946 Oxford Drive, Springfield; $157,500.