Florists in Clark, Champaign counties prepare for Mother’s Day in wake of flower shortages

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Florists in Clark and Champaign counties are hard at work preparing for their busiest day of the year as a nationwide flower shortage looms.

Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday, is the biggest flower-based holiday of the year, but a nationwide shortage of flowers could have some jockeying for bouquets.

The shortage is the result of numerous things happening at once, including poor weather conditions, lack of field workers caused by the pandemic and trucker shortages in the United States, said Elizabeth Daley, spokeswoman for the Society of American Florists.

In addition, shipments are being held at the U.S. border, causing some types of flowers to prematurely wilt before reaching their retail destinations.

“This is a situation we are and will be dealing with as we try to fill orders,” said a post on Springfield’s Netts Floral Company Facebook page.

Julie Quinones, manager of Netts Floral, said despite the shortage issues, business has been “very, very busy.”

“We just stopped taking orders (Thursday morning) because we are so busy,” Quinones said.

Kristie Herlong, owner of Dorcey’s Flowers in Bellefontaine and West Liberty, said she ha heard about the shortage but hasn’t felt any of its effects.

“We try to get all of our flowers from local flower farmers, and I have a relationship with three flower farmers. We have already started kind of having a conversation about it and what we are going to do if we feel the effects,” Herlong said.

Herlong said this Mother’s Day week has been busy at both of her locations, although not as busy as last year.

“Last year was a lot busier I think because of COVID and because people weren’t meeting in person and instead of getting flowers delivered. I think a lot more people are taking their chances or getting vaccinated and seeing their moms in person,” Herlong said.