4 accused of stealing $157,000 in Apple watches at The Greene plead guilty



Four Ecuadorian men who reportedly stole more than 300 Apple watches from a delivery truck at The Greene as part of a multi-state theft ring have entered guilty pleas in federal court.

Jonathan Eduardo Remache-Diaz, Alvaro Oswaldo Loaiza-Alvarez and Gustavo Daniel Vinueza-Bueno pleaded guilty to knowing, intentional, and unlawful stealing of an interstate shipment from a carrier in May, according to court records.

Alexander Diaz-Remache submitted a guilty plea during a hearing Friday before Magistrate Judge Caroline Gentry. The parties involved have two weeks to file any objections to her recommendation that the district court accepts the plea, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Ohio.

The pleas for Remache-Diaz, Loaiza-Alvarez and Vinueza-Bueno have been accepted. The remaining charges — knowing and intentional conspiracy to steal interstate shipments from a carrier and knowingly transporting and carrying stolen goods in interstate commerce — will be dismissed at their sentencings, which have not been scheduled yet.

On Sept. 19, Diaz-Remache, Remache-Diaz, Loaiza-Alvarez and Vinueza-Bueno reportedly stole more than 300 Apple watches worth $157,200 from a FedEx truck at The Greene’s Apple store.

The group reportedly used bolt cutters to cut through the locks on the FedEx truck while the worker was bringing a pallet of merchandise to the store.

Beavercreek police arrested the men while officers were surveilling delivery vehicles near the Mall at Fairfield Commons.

Remache-Diaz, Loaiza-Alvarez and Vinueza-Bueno came to the U.S. on travel visas and set up operations in California with Diaz-Remache, according to a federal indictment. They reportedly traveled to Ohio, Virginia and Maryland to steal jewelry and Apple products from delivery trucks at shopping centers.

The items would be repackaged and shipped to California for sale on the international black market, according to court records.

“In stealing these interstate shipments, one or more members of the group often distracted the delivery driver while the others broke into the delivery truck and removed portions of its cargo,” court documents read. “One or more members of the group often served as a lookout for police and private security.”

Diaz-Remache reportedly helped steal approximately $300,000 in diamonds and other jewelry from a UPS truck Rockville, Maryland, in January 2023. Remache-Diaz was involved in thousands of dollars of diamonds that were stolen in Fairfax, Virgina, last August, according to court records.

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