NEW DETAILS: Butler Twp. murder suspect spoke to witness between killings

A witness saw the suspect in a Butler Twp. shooting spree holster his weapon and spoke to him moments after the first shootings that left four people dead in two neighboring houses, a statement of facts for an arrest warrant says.

Stephen Marlow, 39, was charged Monday in Vandalia Municipal Court with eight counts of aggravated murder, four counts of aggravated burglary and having weapons while under disability. He is accused of fleeing the state and is expected in court this afternoon in Kansas.

Those killed were husband and wife Clyde Knox, 82, and Eva “Sally” Knox, 78, and mother and daughter Sarah Anderson, 41, and Kayla Anderson, 15.

An affidavit filed in Vandalia Municipal Court reveals new details about what investigators allege took place in the murders that rocked the small community. It also reveals how police quickly identified Marlow as their primary suspect.

Authorities wrote that on Friday at around 11:35 a.m., Marlow walked into the open garage at 7120 Hardwicke Place and shot Sarah Anderson one time. He then walked into the residence and shot Kayla Anderson several times before returning to the garage and shooting Sarah Anderson again.

Marlow then went 7214 Hardwicke Place and entered a detached garage close to the residence, where he shot the Knoxes several times, the records say.

A witness watched Marlow exit the garage of 7120 Hardwicke Place and talked to him, the records say.

“He stated he watched Stephen holster a gun and Stephen made a vague threat to him,” the affidavit says.

Another witness said he heard gunshots and looked out the window and saw a man matching Marlow’s description walk from 7214 Hardwicke Place and get into a white Ford SUV.

“The witness immediately followed up at 7214 Hardwicke to find his neighbors deceased in the detached garage.”

Authorities detailed their investigation and said they found home security cameras at 7120 Hardwicke Place that captured Marlow’s actions.

A search warrant was executed at Marlow’s home, the records say.

“During that search, a manifesto was found on a computer that is believed to be Stephen’s. The manifesto is typed out and in it, Stephen states his name, address and goes through his life. He spoke of conspiracy theories and believing his neighbors were almost all sleeper cell terrorists. He mentioned voices in his head that spoke to him as well.”

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