What will the weather be like Monday for the solar eclipse?

The latest weather forecast for the total solar eclipse in southwest Ohio today based on latest trends this morning, most of the cirrus deck is fairly translucent, which would be optimal for eclipse viewing. according to the National Weather Service.

“There are some pockets of cirrostratus clouds that are certainly more opaque, and while the sun would still likely be viewable, this would be a bit more of an obstruction,” the NWS added.

The weather service said the clouds will most likely be transparent enough to see the eclipse, but possibly not stars during the totality.

Depending on the area, the partial eclipse will begin at about 1:52 p.m., and the totality will begin at about 3:09 p.m. and last between about one minute and four minutes. The eclipse will be over by about 4:24 p.m.

On Sunday evening, the weather service’s Wilmington branch posted an updated look an cloud predictions and added the line: “Not all hope is lost as it should be somewhat transparent!”

Another weather service animation shows the likely cloud coverage in the region throughout the day Monday.

Even if some clouds don’t quite clear out of some Ohio counties, it’s possible there’ll be enough breaks for viewing potential, the NWS said.

“However, a plume of high-level cirrus clouds will overspread majority of our CWA Monday afternoon,” according to the NWS. “While the sky could be completely covered by these cirrus clouds for a number of locations, these kinds of clouds will still be transparent enough for the ability to view the eclipse.”

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