‘Your Story’ exhibit complemented by audio additions

Self-guided tour using Silent Disco headphones another way to take in Springfielders’ pandemic experiences.

The “Your Story” exhibition in downtown Springfield continues to add new chapters. Consisting of 49 banners depicting various Springfielders’ pandemic experiences, it has been viewed by several people in its first 10 days and now there are new ways to experience it through audio options.

Chris Chilton, also known as DJ Chill, will offer a chance to take a self-guided tour of the exhibition using his Silent Disco headphones starting at 5 p.m. today at Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co., 102 W. Columbia St.

The free service will allow users to enjoy two playlists of music created by Chilton or a third with comments from the participants in the exhibition, including Chilton, who was one of those profiled. It also makes up for his not being able to attend the opening due to work.

“I thought if I can’t make it there, what about others who couldn’t? There has to be a way to inspire people to come downtown and this gives them a reason to be there. When you provide music, they respond,” said Chilton.

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He said the music or the comments will add a dimension when viewing the displays, which stretch roughly from Mother Stewart’s up Fountain Avenue past the parking garage, several businesses, City Hall and winds up at the Courtyard by Marriott and COhatch.

The event will run three to four hours and the headphones will work for about a 500-yard radius.

“It’s a reason to think we’re happy we’re all still here to enjoy it,” Chilton said.

About 100 pairs of headphones will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Although the service is free, donations will be accepted and donated to the Springfield Peace Center.

‘Your Story’ audio essays added

Whether someone has toured “Your Story” and wants more or hasn’t experienced it yet, there’s a new outlet to enhance it. The “Your Story” official website and Facebook pages have added audio essays by subjects, accessible by scanning a QR Code.

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Ty Fischer, who created the exhibition, is releasing a few at a time and hopes to have one for each participant, and potentially add to the banners themselves. Fischer is grateful for the cooperation of the City of Springfield and others who have supported it.

“We’ve had a very good response, not only for our community, but the art community,” he said. “It could open the door to more display art and other larger formats downtown.

“I’m very thankful. It’s definitely a gamble any time an artist puts out art, you just never know, but this has inspired me to look at other projects.”

Fischer is also still selling “Your Story” books on the website with complete stories and photos of all the participants.

The “Your Story” exhibition will be up through Oct. 31. For more information, go to www.yourstoryexhibit.com/.

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