Trump makes appearance on WHIO Radio this morning

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Donald Trump speaks with WHIO radio's Larry Hansgen

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke this morning in an interview with radio host Larry Hansgen on a Primary Day special edition of WHIO Radio AM 1290 and News 95.7 FM

The GOP front runner told Hansgen he had a great time in Dayton on Saturday when spoke to a large crowd at the Dayton International Airport and added he had great respect for Ohio.

When asked why he wanted the job for president, Trump said, “I want to make America great again. You’ve lost a lot of jobs here in Ohio. A lot of companies have left this state. I want to stop this onslaught.”

Trump said leadership in Washington “truly doesn’t know what it’s doing.”

“We don’t win with our military. Our health care is a mess and Obamacare needs wiped off the books. I just want to give back to make this country great again,” Trump said.

Hansgen pointed out Dayton is a military town and asked Trump what he proposed to approve the health care system for veterans.

“We have a big, big plan for veterans. The veterans have been treated so badly. We have put in a plan that’s on our website. …We are going to make life good for the veterans,” Trump said.

Trump suggested more needed to be done to eliminate the long waits for veterans at VA hospitals and said his plan would work with private hospitals to get more veterans help.

Opponents have criticized Trump for violence that has taken place at his campaign rallies. Hansgen asked Trump what role he thought anger played in his campaign.

“Yeah, I’m angry. And so are millions of my supporters. We are angry at the way our country is being run. They want real change,” Trump said.

“I’m not necessarily an angry guy, but something has to be done to make change in this country.”

WHIO AM was the only local station with an interview Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders this afternoon.

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