TIMELINE: Killer’s history of violence against woman he shot to death in Kirkersville murders detailed in documents

Marlina Medrano and Thomas Hartless had a complicated history that included abuse, criminal charges, protection orders, and time and again, second chances and forgiveness.

Court documents illustrate the back-and-forth that went on for months before Hartless killed Medrano at the Pine Kirk Care Center, along with her coworker Cindy Krantz and Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario on May 12, before turning the gun on himself.

December 5, 2016

Medrano called police to her Newark apartment saying she was scared of her boyfriend who had just assaulted her.

January 14, 2017

While driving around after a night at a bar, Hartless asked Medrano to marry him. She refused to accept the ring he’d bought at the bar.

He made threats to kill her if she called police. After his father took her to the hospital, Hartless told police his girlfriend fell down the steps.

January 17

Medrano filed for a civil protection order, providing documentation that she’d been treated for a laceration and a concussion.

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January 26

On the day of a scheduled hearing about the protection order, Medrano withdrew her petition.

March 5

After assaulting her at a hotel earlier in the day, Hartless drove Medrano to his parents’ house instead of to the hospital as she requested. When she attempted to get in her car to leave, he kicked her and hit her and then tried to run her over as she ran away.

“I started running to the neighbor’s house and he tried to run into me in the yard. I was screaming for help, the neighbors let me in.”

She told his neighbor that she dropped the previous protection order because Hartless threatened to kill her or her son or mother if she didn’t do it.

Medrano requested an emergency protection order that same day. She wrote that Hartless was mentally unstable and refused to take prescribed psych medication.

“He does stalk, call and threaten to kill himself and me at the same time.”

March 21

Medrano files a motion to dismiss the second civil protection order.

“Desire to see/speak with Tom.”

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March 23

Hartless pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges from the three assaults. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Medrano wrote a letter to the court asking for leniency.

“I always intended to work with and help Tom with his anger issues.”

“I never intended Tom to be jailed.”

“With intense therapy, medication compliance and lifestyle changes, I am most confident we can and will overcome our struggles…”

“I continue to love and support him.”

April 12

Hartless was released from jail.

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May 5

Medrano files a police report and another request for an emergency civil protection order after reportedly being choked by Hartless multiple times that week.

“Promises to attain intensive psychiatric treatment have failed”

“He again choked me”

“I am afraid to be alone with him that he will hurt me for good.”

May 12

Hartless takes two hostages while waiting behind the Pine Kirk Care Center in Kirkersville for Medrano to get off after her night shift. He then shoots and kills DiSario who was responding to 911 calls. Hartless enters the nursing home and kills Medrano and Krantz, then himself.

Sixty-four firearms are seized from his parents’ home where he lived off and on. He was barred from possessing weapons by a previous felony conviction and by the protection order granted to Medrano.

Below is a timeline of events leading up to the shooting as released by the Licking County Municipal Court: 

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