These 12 people were indicted in Clark County

These 12 people were indicted in Clark County Common Pleas Court this week. Indictments include:

Rodney Lee, 32, of New Carlisle: burglary.

Heidi Keeton, 42: theft.

Donald Moore Jr., 55: theft.

Robert Stargell, 26, of Dayton: failure to comply with order or signal of police officer.

Dustin Clark, 25, of Springfield: falsification; to obtain concealed handgun license.

Jasmine Knurr, 22, of Springfield: forgery.

Christopher Torowski, 26, of Springfield: forgery.

Victoryia Printz, 24, of Springfield: assault.

Danny Coontz, 21: disrupting public service, domestic violence.

Bennt Thompson Jr., 33, of Springfield: aggravated possession of drugs.

Norma Parks, 58, of Springfield: possession of cocaine.

James Copeland, 67, of Washington D.C.: theft.

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