Student of the Week Mechanicsburg High School

Taylor Hurst is the Student of the Week from Mechanicsburg High School.

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Taylor Hurst is the Student of the Week from Mechanicsburg High School.

Name: Taylor Hurst

School: Mechanicsburg High School

Grade: 12th

Age: 17

Extra-curricular: Softball

Claim to fame/honors: 2019 DIV State Runner-Up

Words you live by: Carpe Diem

Toughest challenge: Pushing through the adversity

Biggest influence: Parents and brother

School-day rituals: Lots and lots of caffeine before and after school

What’s on your bedroom walls: Softball medals, pictures

When I’m bored I like to … read, watch movies

Favorite movie: A Few Good Men

Person who would play you in a movie: Millie Bobby Brown

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite musical artist: Ed Sheeran

Favorite book: Queen of Air and Darkness

Favorite home-cooked meal: Homemade chili

Favorite restaurant: Tres Portillos

Whose mind would you like to read: My mother’s

Place where you’d love to travel: Hawaii

Talent you’d like to have: Dancing

Favorite school subject: History

Favorite athlete: Christian Yelich

Favorite team: Milwaukee Brewers

Something in the world I’d like to change: Coronavirus

Favorite high school moment: Earning our school’s first state berth in softball my sophomore year

Favorite junk food: Chips

Best thing about high school: Seeing your friends and others you are close to every day

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