Springfield schools to present proposed new start dates to board

Springfield City Schools will present a new, staggered start date proposal to the school board for the reopening in the fall, according to the Superintendent Bob Hill.

The original fall start date was scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 19.

The new start dates that will be presented to the school board are:

Wednesday, Aug. 26 - Students with last names A-L in grades 1-8 and all students in grade 9

Thursday, Aug. 27 - Students with last names M-Z in grades 1-8 and all students in grades 10-12

Friday, Aug. 28 - All students in grades 1-12 that have not yet started

The Board of Education will be asked to approved the staggered start dates at Thursday’s board meeting.

Kindergartners will also start on staggered dates:

Tuesday, Sept. 1 - Students with the last name A-L

Wednesday, Sept. 2 - Students with the last name M-Z

Thursday, Sept. 3 - All students with the last name A-Z that have not yet started

Hill said all students in grade PK-12 are required to wear a face covering at all times while in district-owned buildings and on district-owned transportation such as buses.

“Please work with your child now to wear their masks, encourage hand washing, and remind them what social distancing means. Teachers will go over all of these procedures in the first few days of school and beyond, but it is helpful when students arrive with a comfort level and understanding of the basic terms,” Hill said.

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