Springfield Family Video to close in October

The Springfield Family Video, located at 2140 E. Main St., is expected to close between Oct. 15 and 30, Family Video Regional Vice President Bill Mohler said.

“Right now, we’re tentatively looking somewhere between Oct. 15 and 30 (to close)," Mohler said. “It all depends on how fast all the product is sold.”

Everything is for sale in the store including movies, games, pop, candy, racks and displays, Mohler said.

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He described some of the prices of the products as “considerably low.” Customers should expect between 25 and 75 percent off, he added.

The decision to close Family Video was made due to the lack of sales and lack of new movie releases after the store reopened during the coronavirus pandemic, Mohler said.

Family Video stores were closed between six weeks and two months, he said.

“Covid did a few things and some stores just did not bounce back and Springfield was one of them," Mohler said.

He added, “The other problem that we found is that at that same time we were shut down, Hollywood kind of stopped making movies. There’s not enough product right now to really jump start some of the video stores.”

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Out of the 500 stores Family Video owns, the company has decided to close “a couple dozen stores,” Mohler said.

According to Family Video’s website, the company’s property-ownership model is different from most companies because they buy and develop the buildings and land where the stores are located.

Mohler said Family Video still owns the Springfield building and is planning to pursue other tenants.

To inquire about the building, individuals should contact Mohler at bill.mohler@familyvideo.com.