Should I Get Pet Insurance?

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My Animals Have Medical Issues. Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Kaylie from Ohio: "My husband and I have not yet had kids, so our dogs are like our children. We have an older Great Dane on multiple medications, the cat that is rather overweight but still self-sufficient and my energetic Australian shepherd with ongoing stomach issues. The testing to figure out what is wrong with my Aussie alone has already cost me well over $450 in less than a year. Should I get pet insurance?"

Clark’s Take on Whether a Pet Owner With Problem-Prone Animals Should Get Insurance

Clark says: American society's views on animals have changed over the past few decades. People now typically want the very best care for their animals, and this makes pet insurance "a much more present decision that people have to make."

Here’s what Clark suggests if you’re considering getting insurance for your pets with medical issues:

“Talk to your vet to find out their experience with various pet insurances, because based on the breed or age of a pet, you may find that you think you’ve bought coverage, but the breed is excluded or the age of the pet excludes coverage.”

He also suggests that you read up on what Consumer Reports has to say about how to pick a pet insurance policy. If what you need is behind the Consumer Reports paywall, Clark recommends that you either buy a subscription or visit your local library to see if it has a copy of the issue you want.

Another option you'll want to look into is Lemonade, which offers various types of policies, including pet insurance.

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