Readers’ thoughts on taxes

Thoughts about federal income taxes:

"I have kept track of my expenses for the past 20 years, and in that time, taxes are my LARGEST single expense. More than food, housing, travel, medical expenses or anything else. Am I paying my fair share? I guess that if everyone's largest expense was taxes, I would. But I suspect that taxes are not the largest expense for the vast majority of Americans." — MIKE WIER, DAYTON

"I was widowed in 2012. The second big shock came when I did my taxes for 2013 and found out how much more a single person pays as compared to a married couple for the same amount. Also figuring out Social Security is almost impossible. I went by their work page and two years in a row they sent me $200 more than I had come up with. The third year they wanted $900 more. I now have AARP figure my taxes for me." JIM ARMSTRONG, LUMBERTON

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