NBC draws critics

Have you been watching the Olympics? Fewer people have been than in past years, and at the same time NBC is getting the usual quardrennial criticism for its coverage.

A pundit at Vox.com writes, “Without any competition, the network continues to fall back on the same tired storylines about men who are gritty competitors and women who manage to fill some traditionally feminine role in addition to being athletes. NBC continues to value American success stories over almost anything else. Frequently, the only non-Americans we see compete in events like gymnastics are those who have direct bearing on NBC’s U.S.-centric narrative.

“And the network continues, above all else, to suggest that the Olympic stories that matter most are the ones that offer up a wholesome, usually white face of Middle America — even when reality gets in the way.”

Pretty harsh. Do you agree? Email me at rrollins@coxohio.com.

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