Doing good works

Here’s a bit of upbeat news worth sharing.

Staff writer Rick McCrabb wrote this week about an act of corporate kindness. The Chick-fil-A near the Dayton Mall closed recently for remodeling, and so “the employees there are performing community service by delivering food to the less fortunate. On Monday morning, seven employees served breakfast to about 30 Middletown residents” at First United Methodist Church there.

McCrabb wrote, “Pat Ringwald, assistant to the (restaurant’s) catering director, said the employees have been performing the community service since the restaurant closed three weeks ago, and some have suggested continuing the program after it reopens on Aug. 24. They have served several agencies in the Dayton area. He was asked what he saw when he looked around the room at those in need. ‘Children of God just like me and you,’ he said. ‘I love it. This is great.’”

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