Northwestern substitute levy failing, Clark County township renewals passing

Northwestern Local School District’s substitute levy has been rejected, according to early results Tuesday by the Clark County Board of Elections.

All renewal levies on Clark County voters' ballots were approved.

The school district had a renewal levy for permanent improvements and a substitute levy for general operating on the ballot.

“We are very optimistic that the levies will pass,” Northwestern Local Schools Superintendent Jesse Steiner told the News-Sun on Monday. “We know that voter turnout will not be an issue like it was in the last election.”

According to early results, 58.30 % of voters rejected the substitute levy.

These results are expected to change as more ballots are counted through Nov. 18. We will continue to update these results as more ballots are counted.

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“We need both of these levies to pass. You don’t pass levies in November. You pass levies every day by how you take care of students. You pass levies by how you interact with the community. You pass levies by being a good steward of the money and facilities that the community has given you. I believe we have done all of those things and I hope the community agrees by voting yes on the levies,” Steiner said.

The substitute levy was expected to generate about 9.5 percent of the district’s budget.

According to a release from Northwestern Local Schools, the substitute levy is “roughly equivalent to 17 teachers and their total benefits package. Other things would go before teachers - busing, extracurriculars, anything not essential to graduating students.”

“We’ve already seen a reduction in revenue because of COVID, so at this point, our budget would not be able to absorb that loss if that levy were not to be renewed,” Steiner previously said.

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Several townships including German Twp., Green Twp., Moorefield Twp., Pike Twp., Pleasant Twp. and Springfield Twp. have approved renewal tax levies for operating and maintaining their fire and EMS departments.

Other approved renewal levies, will generate money for roads in German Twp., police in the Village of Enon, general operating in North Hampton and children’s services in Clark County.

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