New Carlisle man indicted for murder in Park Layne shooting

Two men had a dispute about a ride before shooting happened, documents say.

A New Carlisle man was indicted this week on two counts of murder and a second-degree felonious assault charge related to the shooting and death of a 48-year-old last month.

Glen James Sexton, 24, is accused of shooting Joseph Burley Edwards after an argument on March 24 around 9:20 p.m. on the 200 block of Slayton Drive.

First responders found Edwards on the ground in front of a house being assisted by bystanders, and he was transported to a local hospital, where he died, according to court records.

According to records, a witness said that she and Sexton went to pick up Edwards but he did not come out of the home for several minutes, and she and Sexton went to a store while they waited. When they returned, Edwards came out of the house, but when Sexton backed out of the driveway, Edwards questioned why he was going that way and exited the car.

Edwards went back toward the home and Sexton got out and argued with him, saying he wanted paid for driving to get him, according to court records. Sexton allegedly got a pistol from his car when Edwards “got up in” his face, and then the witness said Sexton punched him before she heard a gunshot.

According to court records, Sexton corroborated the witness’s account but said Edwards had charged him and he invoked his right to legal counsel “when we got to the point when the firearm came into play.”

Credit: Clark County Jail

Credit: Clark County Jail

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